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The drive against freedom continues. Now if I use the word "Mom" in the wrong place and the wrong time, I might be jailed. I really think that Lex Luthor had the right idea. Someone needs to mine the San Andreas fault and get California away from a country that wants freedom -- because they despite it there.

If you have children in California, you are doing them a disservice. If you want to raise them with your morals and values, you will not be allowed to. Yes, I realize there are many who have insane morals and values in CA, but most of them don't procreate. I strongly suggest if you care about your children and want them to see freedom, that you move to New Hampshire. That seriously looks like the ONLY hope for freedom left on this planet.

A family is meant to be two parents of different sexes. No, it really doesn't matter what you think. That's a family, even if you don't like it. Men and women are different (again, if you don't like it). They were created with different purposes, values, and abilities. Study after study shows that children ARE better when raised by two parents: a MOTHER and a FATHER. ANYTHING else is just plain wrong.

Now I realize that there are single-parents that are raising children. And sometimes it's because something happened that was out of that parent's control. That's a completely different situation -- but it's still NOT a good situation.

Now California wants to completely and totally disrupt any semblance of order remaining in society. That's fine, if they'd keep it to themselves. Unfortunately, they won't. I'm sure the middle school boys are happy -- because now they are allowed to use either the boys' locker room or the girls' locker room. Gee, I wonder if there will be any increase in sexual activity?

Once again, this is about making some people "more equal" or more protected than other people. This is a very clear government action that shows that certain people and activities are preferred by government -- and in this case, it's the abnormal that government is supporting at the expense of the family.

Do you realize that a science textbook that says that people are born male or female is now banned in CA? Let's see the anti-religious science people get upset about CA refusing to allow facts in textbooks this time. Oh, right, this advances the liberal agenda, so it's perfectly okay to destroy science if it's in the worship of liberalism.

Ironically, this law also supposedly increases punishments (and definitions) for harassment. Gee, do you think that by allowing boys into the girls locker room that there might be more harassment?

The law also removes any state funding for any religious organization that might help people -- unless the religion is anything but Christian. The state will continue giving money to their approved religions, but not to other religions. Sure, go ahead, try and convince me this law has even one speck that's Constitutional (I know we don't use that document any more, but in theory we do).

What a puss-filled cesspool the state of California really has become.

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