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From this site (the first question):

When the patient saw my name, he refused to be examined by a Muslim doctor. I couldn’t reach his primary physician, and the other physician on call was also Muslim. A physician assistant offered to complete the evaluation, but as the patient was in no immediate danger, I did not allow this. Instead I discharged the patient without a full evaluation. Was I right?

Imagine that. Someone actually refused treatment by a Muslim doctor. And it seems like the NY Times and the doctor are quite offended. Since the doctor is a Muslim, I wonder what he burned to release his "offendedness."

Actually, this is happening a lot more today -- except in reverse. More and more Muslims around the world (especially in England) are demanding they are served by Muslims and Muslims alone. And no one seems to condemn nor care about that when Muslims do it, but if a non-Muslim refuses treatment by a Muslim, suddenly it's "religious bigotry."

But wait -- shouldn't we have freedom of association? Shouldn't we actually be free to be examined by a person who shares our morals and values? What if, during the examination, the Muslim doctor decided that you were an "infidel" and needed to convert to Islam or die? What if you accidentally said "Mohammed" in the wrong way and the Muslim doctor decided he needed to punish you for saying that and he cut your head off? These are not irrational thoughts to those who are radical Muslims. My question is: how do you determine which are the radicals and which are not?

If you can't tell which ones are the radicals and the non-radicals don't speak up, your only safe choice is to assume that any Muslim you're talking to IS a radical. And therefore, it's certainly logical to not want to want a medical exam from a Muslim who may or may not be a radical who will kill you for his religion if you say or do the wrong thing (in their eyes).

(H/T for the story to Raven).

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