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noose.jpgAre you offended? Are you insulted? Should I be jailed, right now, for a long period of time because I posted this picture? Perhaps I should be fined and you should get the money because I posted this picture. Maybe you need to file a lawsuit against me and get a restraining order and piles of cash from me because I posted this picture. Welcome to America today.

In New York, they appear to think I should be jailed. What a total load of irresponsible crap. Let's analyze, shall we?

The New York City Police Department hate crimes task force tried to determine...

They have a "hate crimes" task force. That's just unreal. Instead of focusing on useful things, like illegal immigrant violence, they're more concerned with thought crimes.
An NYPD spokesman told that the matter was being treated as a hate crime

Of course it is. You see, if your skin happens to be the right color, you get more protection, more rights, and more free stuff from this government. I'd prefer a government that was color-blind and treated everyone equally, no matter what color their skin happens to be. But those who are getting more protection and rights simply will not have that. They WILL be treated different because the color of their skin. It used to be we called people who did that racists.
A police official told The Associated Press that investigators were looking at whether a fellow faculty member at Teachers College with whom Constantine had a dispute or an unhappy student might have been responsible.

Well gee, do you think so? Who else would be in the halls of the wonderful fantasy land that is Columbia University. It's not like there's illegal aliens or terrorist heads of state wandering the halls there...
Meanwhile, Columbia University students and faculty held a rally protesting the incident

Well, you've got to have a rally. I mean, you've got to gather people in groups to oppose anyone who disagrees with them, right? And if they didn't have that rally, suddenly blacks would be enslaved and we'd have to fight that whole "Civil War" thing again -- because no one would ever oppose slavery unless they had a rally, right?
Many said they weren't shocked that such a racially-motivated gesture happened at the Ivy League school.
The prestigious university, according to rally attendees, struggles with racial tension and prejudice in spite of its status as an elite institution with top-notch academics and a commitment to diversity.

Well that's pretty clear, since all these people who attended the rally only did so because they view people primarily by the color of their skin (and what terrorist organizations they might associate with). But hey, they SAY they're committed to diversity, so that should be good enough, right?
Demonstrators with signs declaring "Intolerance Is Intolerable" and "Not on Our Campus" protested Wednesday afternoon outside Teachers College, and Constantine spoke publicly to condemn the "heinous and highly upsetting incident" of which she apparently was the victim.

Well good thing! After all, they were photographed and appeared in the news. So I'm sure whoever did this watched them. And their message got out -- you see now, after they held up signs, no one is intolerant any more. Well, except for them, of course.
"Hanging the noose on my office door reeks of cowardice and fear on many levels."

Oh, so you're feeling good about yourself because you managed to call other people names. It appears you're saying that the person who did this was a coward and was scared of you. So what's the point? Do you like belittling people, Madonna Constantine? Is that how you teach your students to deal with conflict? Can't you tolerate another person's viewpoint?
"It's definitely painful," the doctoral student at the rally said of the incident. "I'm from the South, where there are blatant forms of racism. Hidden forms are always worse."

Okay, what part was the painful part? Did you tear a fingernail on the doorjamb when you removed the noose from the door? Or did you stub your toe when you were running from the door to the phone to call the press and call for a rally? And you're complaining about hidden racism being worse, but I'm not sure how you can call this hidden -- the damn national news is printing this. I'm not sure how it could be more out in the open!
She said she often feels isolated as a black woman on campus, and many of her fellow students frequently turn their backs on her instead of speaking to her.

Someone turned their back on her! Oh, POOR BABY! You should be compensated. We should throw money at you until you feel better. We should arrest and throw in jail anyone who DARES to turn their back on you because you're so damn important. Maybe they turned their backs on you because you're a mean person and they didn't want to talk to you. What a horrible, self-centered person.
"It's horrifying obviously," said Cris Beam, who teaches creative writing. "We're in a culture right now of escalating racism, in an increasingly conservative (environment). We all live in this country, so it seeps in."

Hey look, another person suffering from BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome)! Did you see that blatant connection between conservative and racist? He honestly believes that if you support a smaller government, then you're a racist. There's a reason people find it so easy to make fun of those in the academic world -- because they have no clue what planet they live on! Apparently Mr. Beam didn't notice that Democrats (who are NOT conservative) have been ruling the country and control Congress. And it's incredibly intolerant and bigoted to claim that anyone who is conservative is a racist. But then again, this is New York City, so I'd expect no less.
"Really obnoxious and blatant racism should be exposed in order to bring to light the larger systemic problems," said Brian Kelly, 20, who is studying politics at Pace.

Future Democrat politician there. Apparently the noose didn't expose anything. And the rally did. You see, Brian also thinks everyone is racist. Well, everyone except for him, of course. Oh, and people with dark-colored skin (even when they are).
"This is an assault on African Americans and therefore it is an assault on every one of us," university President Lee C. Bollinger said in a statement.

Oh, so it's an "assault" on me, too? And I guess it's an assault on even the poor person who put the noose up there, too. And still with the "African Americans." Why can't you just be an American? Why do you hate people who have a different color skin than you do, Mr. Bollinger?

What a total load. Is there anyone left today that isn't a "victim?" I feel sorry for these people. Apparently their lives have so little meaning that they have to look for things like this to give them meaning. Someone who had some self-worth would have just tossed the darn thing aside and gone on with their life. I would submit that none of these people have ever seen a person hanging in a noose, much less even know someone who was hung in the south for being black.

Perhaps people should grow up. Why not focus on doing something productive instead of complaining all day. I'm sure I'll be branded as "insensitive" and "racist" myself for even saying all this -- but it's the truth. Hey Miss Constantine, get over it and get a life.

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