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So Bush vetoed the SCHIP legislation. Hooray! And no, I don't hate children.

You see, while the supporters of this legislation talk about how great it is, and how many children it will "save," they leave out parts. You only hear the "good" parts of the law, without hearing ALL the details. It's "nice" for all children to have health insurance without having to pay for it (even those whose parents earn up to $80,000 a year -- those "poor" people need help). It's "nice" to get "poor" children to the doctor.

But freedom isn't nice. It isn't evil, either. But freedom IS free. Freedom implies responsiblity. And true freedom is incapable of so-called "compassion."

If you support SCHIP, here is what you support:

You support people with guns, backed by the government, showing up to people's houses. You support midnight raids by the FBI and ATF breaking down people's doors and attacking them in the dead of night. You support people who do an honest day's work only getting paid 1/2 of what their work is worth. You support throwing people in jail and ruining their lives financially -- all so that YOU can feel better about thinking that you're helping poor children.

Government CANNOT "help" anyone without taking from someone else. In a free country, people could help people, but government would not be able to do so. Government produces nothing -- the ONLY way government can provide insurance for children is to break down people's doors and take things away from people who earned it. That's wrong, plain and simple.

Worse, government is SO bad at managing their money, after they break down your door and possibly shoot your or your dog or your family to get that $100 YOU earned, they will end up spending only about $30 of it on the actual insurance for the children.

Here's how it would work in a truly free country:

Anyone would be free to help any child, any where, any time. And no one would be forced at gunpoint to pay to help any other child. I am willing to bet MORE children would be helped in that situation than will ever be helped with this government program.

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