Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Death is Cruel

So logically, it's not allowed, right? Well, that's what some people think. When they argue, repeatedly, that the state shouldn't put people to death by a certain procedure because it's "cruel and unusual," they're insane. Judge Roy Moore points out that it's not supposed to be.

People who get on death row aren't nice folks. These aren't people you know in your neighborhood. Most of the people who find their way to death row are horrible, evil people who have done incredibly evil things. When someone rapes, molests, and tortures a young girl, why should we care if he feels pain?

I'm not saying that he should be killed for vengeance or retribution, but for justice. Someone who has done these acts is evil. They're not going to suddenly be cured and never do it again. Many who oppose the death penalty say he should be jailed for life. To those who support that action, why do you support taking lots of money from people who work to pay for food, housing, and entertainment for scum of the earth?

It would be one thing if you were going to jail these scum in a small hole and toss them some bread and water on occasion. But these people live in practical luxury. They get meals all the time -- they never miss a meal. They get exercise equipment that others work hard to pay for. They get free access to libraries of information that some people will never see in their lifetimes. And they get continuous access to as much cable television as they can watch. How is this punishment?

Justice demands that these people feel pain. Instead of trying to find a way to kill them that causes less pain, we need to stop wasting time and millions of dollars of money that I worked hard to earn and just put them out of my misery. I really wish the judges would follow the law instead of making up any law they like. Feeling a slight bit of discomfort is NOT cruel and unusual -- raping, torturing, and murdering is.

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