Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Catholicism, Christianity Banned in America

Seriously. The time has come. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that these religions will simply not be permitted in America. I know, there's supposed to be some rule that allows people to practice whatever religion they like:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

Sorry, but the Supreme Court, kings of the world, have simply decided that they don't like that portion of the US Constitution, so it just doesn't apply any more.

Sure, you're allowed to SAY you're Catholic or Christian. Heck, you can even think you're Catholic or Christian. But according to the Supreme Court, if you attempt to practice either of those religions, you shall be jailed. The state of New York has passed a law that very clearly says that you cannot practice certain aspects of those religions. And the Supreme Court says that those laws are perfectly okay.

I wish the religious groups involved in this case had the guts and tenacity to actually practice their religion in violation of the law. It would indeed be eye-opening to many people in this country when the government showed up to arrest Christians for practicing their religion. Unfortunately, most large-scale religious groups like this just instead bow down to their worldly masters and will obey the law.

This particular case is in regards to being forced to provide and pay for birth control. For example, if I want to practice my religion and NOT use MY money to pay for someone else's birth control, the state of New York says I'm breaking the law. Instead, the state of New York has determined that my right to practice my religion is somehow less important than someone else's new-found "right" to force me to pay for their pills. How screwed up does one have to be to actually argue that? What sort of view of freedom do you have to have in order to actually believe that forcing one person to PAY for the convenience of another is superior to religious freedom?

I just wonder how soon it will be before I am arrested, jailed, or killed right here in America for having Christian religious beliefs. I'm thinking that it won't be long now.

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