Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Democrats & Cigarette Taxes

Apparently, to Democrats and those who support them, once you say "For The Children," nothing else matters. ANYTHING is perfectly okay, if you claim it's "For The Children." Heck, North Carolina (and many other states) support state-sponsored, monopolized gambling "For The Children." Now, national Democrats are supporting smoking For The Children.


Soon, if national Democrats have their way, you can go to the C-Store and buy some cigarettes. If you're thinking they're expensive, you can think to yourself, "Well, at least it's helping the children." Perhaps we can work out the numbers soon to determine exactly how many children you'll be helping with each purchase. Maybe the Democrats can put out promotional signs: "Each 10 cartons you buy is one medical visit for a poor child of a parent who earns only $75,000 a year."

And to continue with the utter and total disconnect from reality, the Democrats continue to claim that if they massively increase a tax on something, then people will buy less of it -- which helps their program earn money because their new program will get money from the sales of the item that will be decreasing because it's a bad item that people shouldn't buy in the first place but when they do, it will be For The Children.

Democrats -- is there anything they won't lie about to get more cash of working people to spend themselves?

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