Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: #1 Draft Pick

miami_dolphins.jpgYes! The #1 Draft pick is in sight! This looks like the year the Dolphins will go all out and finally earn the #1 pick in next year's draft (that is, unless they already traded this one away to get Ricky Williams, too).

After four weeks of football, only the New Orleans Saints and the Saint Louis Rams are still left in the running. With the Miami defense giving up THIRTY points a game (second only to Detroit by 0.5 points), this could really be the year. Will they go an entire year without winning a single game? Well, they do have to play Cleveland, Buffalo, Houston, the Giants, Baltimore, AND Cincinnati. Surely they'll win a couple... well that's my prediction, based on their performance so far: 3-13 -- worse than the 2004 year of 4-12.

I'm still rooting for them -- they can get that draft pick if they try real hard!

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