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oilEvil.jpgSo, I was driving around yesterday and saw a bumper sticker. It was the classic "Give Peace a Chance." And then I thought of this picture and news report mentioning how these two anti-American forces are joining together to "defeat" America. At the same time, Iran continues to claim they're developing nuclear bombs to generate power, not to attack America. When does it end?

When I see those bumper stickers, I have to think what that person really means is, "I want peace at all costs." I wonder exactly how much people who want peace are willing to give up to have that peace. Are they willing to sacrifice themselves? Are they willing to give up liberty and freedom? Are they willing to volunteer an unconditional surrender to Muslims? Do they want to live in a country ruled by Islam?

I want peace, too. However, I still subscribe to the "Live Free or Die" theory. I want peace, but I'm not willing to give up freedom to have that peace. Admittedly, we don't have a lot of freedom left in America today -- but in order to have peace with Islam, we must submit to them and give them power over us. Sorry, but as much as I want peace, I'm not willing to do that. How bad do you want peace?

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