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This is scary accurate:

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I've taken these tests before, and I've ended up INTJ before. Heck, in the blogrolls listings here, there's an INTJ blogroll even. But this page listed a few quotes about the personality of an INTJ -- and they're just dead-on accurate for me. So, for those who want more information about me, here you go:

"To outsiders, INTJs may appear to project an aura of "definiteness", of self-confidence. This self-confidence, sometimes mistaken for simple arrogance by the less decisive, is actually of a very specific rather than a general nature; its source lies in the specialized knowledge systems that most INTJs start building at an early age. When it comes to their own areas of expertise -- and INTJs can have several -- they will be able to tell you almost immediately whether or not they can help you, and if so, how."

I'm often told that I'm arrogant and I understand it's self-confidence. And if you want help in areas where I'm good, I do know right away whether I can help you or if you should head somewhere else. Working in computers, I get lots and lots of questions all the time that I respond to very quickly.

"INTJs are natural leaders, although they usually choose to remain in the background until they see a real need to take over the lead. When they are in leadership roles, they are quite effective, because they are able to objectively see the reality of a situation, and are adaptable enough to change things which aren't working well. They are the supreme strategists - always scanning available ideas and concepts and weighing them against their current strategy, to plan for every conceivable contingency. "

I can't count how many times people have told me that I'm a good leader -- despite how much I really don't WANT to be a leader. And this is why I am often asked and told to get more into politics -- because despite me not wanting to be an elected official, people see that I would be very good at it.

Found at Raven's who found it at Kat's.

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