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So, did you see the Democrat debate last night? Me neither. But hey, if you want to know what today's Democrat party stands for, take a look at some of their positions on the issues:

War: YES.

According to the formerly mainstream media, something like 70% of the people of this country oppose the current war in Iraq. 70% of the people want the US out of Iraq. The top Democrat presidential nominees DO NOT. Edwards, Osama Obama, and Clinton ALL support continued war. In case you missed it: Clinton, Obama, and Edwards SUPPORT THE WAR IN IRAQ. If you, personally, want to vote for someone anti-war, I'd suggest Ron Paul.

Taxes: Higher, more, bigger, huge, massive.

Only Richardson found a tax he didn't like. Every other Democrat candidate crowed about how much they could increase the payroll tax. Yes, that means if you work, they want MORE of your money. Imagine your paycheck. Now imagine your paycheck under a Democrat president: it's smaller.

Biden was one of the few who actually had a coherent, logical thought. His solution to the government paying out too much cash to people who do nothing was to consider raising the retirement age. Total wacko Kucinich actually wanted to REDUCE the retirement age! Then again, maybe that would be good because then the government could go bankrupt right away instead of waiting a few more years.

Keep in mind: social security was NOT designed for everyone! It's official title includes the word "supplemental!" This was a system designed for people who were too old and physically incapable of working. It was supposed to be for widows who lost support from their husbands. If this system was indexed for the increasing life span of people, the social security retirement age would be EIGHTY-ONE -- and it should be. You shouldn't get free cash from the government just for turning 67.

Oh, and all the Democrats promised to spend billions and billions of dollars of YOUR money to ration health care so you can have less of it. Go ahead, vote Democrat. I think things are going to have to get worse before they can get better.

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