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Today, Sen. Ensign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee released a petition calling on Democrats to return the money they have received from the extremist, liberal organization

Some examples include:

* Tom Allen has received $249,472 in conduit contributions raised through
* Tom Harkin's PAC has received $5,000 from MoveOn's PAC
* Mary Landrieu has received $8,000
* Frank Lautenberg - $5,000
* Mark Pryor - $4,000

It’s either campaign contributions from extremist, liberal organizations that claim to have “bought” and “own” Democrats or fully supporting our troops. What’ll it be?

You can follow that link yourself and sign the petition. Keep in mind -- this is an organization that supports Michael Moore and actually believes the lies from his movie "Sicko." This is a group that wants PBS and NPR to be funded perpetually and forever -- no matter that fact that they are out of date dinosaurs in the information age. This is a group that wants YOU to pay for healthcare for everyone else -- no exceptions. This is a group that supports fraudulent voting and opposes any attempts to make voting more accurate. This is a group that actually believes algore and "An Inconvenient Truth."

And this is a group that has bought and paid for the Democrat party in government today. If you support this group, you're opposing Democracy -- instead you support a small group of individuals buying a socialist government to replace freedom and Democracy in America.

Want to sign that petition and see if there's any members of the Democrat Party who value freedom more than campaign cash?

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