Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Could Ron Paul Win?

I know, I know. He's a "lower tier" candidate. The mainstream media polls won't even include him. But is it possible that Ron Paul could actually win the Republican nomination?

I just happened upon a list of national Straw Poll results. Ron Paul is winning them. Look at this:

Ron Paul vs. Rudy: Ron Paul beat Rudy 23 times, Rudy beat Paul 3 times.
Ron Paul vs. Romney: Paul beat Romney 15 times, Romney beat Paul 11 times.
Ron Paul vs. McCain: Paul beat McCain 22 times, McCain beat Paul 3 times.
Ron Paul vs. Thompson: Paul beat Thompson 13 times, Thompson beat Paul 12 times.
Against the other candidates, Paul beat them 88 times, they beat Paul 8 times.

Overall, Paul beat other candidates 161 times, while he was beat 37 times. He's finished first in 10 of 26 straw polls. I know they're straw polls, but people are voting for him. Could he actually win the nomination? I'm not making a prediction, just looking at the poll results.

Just imagine the election campaign of 2008: Paul vs. Hillary. Now there would be some real choice!

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