Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: US Government Loves Mecca

Dhimmitude. Always on Watch has a whole category dedicated just to Dhimmitude. So what is it? It's any one or any thing that lowers itself, or submits to the rule of Islam. If you wish to live in peace with Islam, but do not want to be Muslim, you must live in this condition -- completely and totally subject to all whims of any Muslim.

The US Government is working harder and harder to submit to Islam as well. The "memorial" for 9/11 faces Mecca. The plan for this memorial should be completely and entirely scrapped. The news media, Dhimmis, and Muslims like the current layout -- because it will be the world's largest Mosque. I know this has been reported in the past, but again -- the people (Dhimmis) designing this crescent simply refuse to change the design.

If this design is not scrapped and changed, it will be the largest memorial in the world that was created to celebrate an Islamic terrorist victory over the infidels of the United States -- and it will be bought and paid for with American taxpayer cash. I would suggest that if it continues that I might work as an "American terrorist" and sabotage the construction -- but I think I'd have a lot of competition.

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