Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Pajamas Media vs. The Mainstream

Many in the blogosphere are buzzing over Edward Driscoll, Jr's article talking about the birth of the objective media. He writes about how the mass media, the mainstream media, lost touch with Americans. It outlines when, where, and how the mainstream media got lost, and how others worked against them -- culminating with the expansion of blogs and internet news. He makes guesses at the future and how even the word "blogs" will become useless, as information continues to move to the internet and allows all voices to be heard.

Of course, any discussion of this type would be incomplete without a mention of "Rathergate" -- and he mentions it as well. He also makes mention of the "pajamas blogger" that got much of this movement moving.

However, at the same time, one of the largest organizations that might be considered "anti-mainstream," Pajamas Media, has made a move in the opposite direction. Pajamas media has recently announced that they apparently don't like that various candidates that they apparently don't agree with are winning their online polls (and not just Ron Paul, either). Therefore, Pajamas Media has decided to only include candidates that have been "approved" by the mainstream media -- they will no longer allow so-called "second tier" candidates in their poll.

I have run this poll on my blog. However, it is no longer there. I realize that I generated just a few votes a week for their poll, but they've joined with the mainstream media in shutting out Republican voices with which I agree. Pajamas Media claims that they're doing this because people "lost interest" in voting in their poll. Well now that their poll is exactly like every other mainstream media poll, I'm not sure how that's going to increase anyone's interest.

Congratulations, Pajamas Media. You have become so big and so successful that it appears that you have now joined the mainstream media that was the reason for your creation.

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