Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: The Jenna Six?

Okay, after watching the reports of yesterday in Jenna, LA, here's what apparently was going on according to the people who attended:

It was a great day

it was also a lot of fun. I met great people and made some good friends.

Sounds like a good time.
It was a big event for us

That's good.
We got matching T-shirts and drove all night. It's exciting

Can't be fun without a T-shirt!
We want to make sure everyone has a good time and is safe.

A safe, good time, was had by all.
It's been a very peaceful and happy crowd. Really these are very, very nice people

Excellent. Happy people is good.

So, does anyone else think this sounded like a calm Woodstock celebration? Sounds like everyone gathered together and hung out for a day. Everyone had a good time. Great.

Once again, I ask, what in the world is all this about? Oh, this was supposed to be a "protest?" Wow.

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