Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Arrested for Walking

The other week I posted a list of things you can carry that may get you arrested in America. It appears that I need to make another list, this time one of a list of things that you can do to get you arrested. And no, it wouldn't need to include criminal activities. Just walking down the road is grounds for arrest these days, apparently.

Picture this: If you were walking down a road, minding your own business, and I tried to give you a piece of paper, what would you do? You hadn't broken the law. You were in no danger. You were not dangerous to anyone else. Let's say that you decide to continue walking. Next, 4 of my friends grab you and drag you to the ground. Then we shove you in a car and take you away to a place and hold you there, not allowing you to leave. We search you and take some of your things, including a video camera. After about 6 hours, we throw you out in the street where we are (not where we grabbed you). Keep in mind -- you committed no crime. In fact, I don't even claim you committed any crime. So, is there anything wrong with that scene?

According to the federal government, no -- that's perfectly okay. Well, it's okay as long as I'm federal agent U.S. Marshal Steve Monier, that is.

You see, Lauren Canario was arrested because she failed to obey his orders to not walk on a certain road. Once again, there was nothing illegal -- no one was in danger of anything. The road was safe. But Steve Monier decided he didn't want Lauren to use the road (other people were allowed to use the road, but Steve Monier doesn't personally like Lauren, apparently). Steve Monier also stole Lauren's video camera. Once again, she was charged with NO CRIME -- but they're keeping the camera because they want to.

Welcome to today's America where government federal agents have total control and are accountable to no one.