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So when a woman goes to prison for, say, robbing a bank and shooting a teller, do we let her go because she has kids? What if a mom is caught breaking into a house and stealing jewelry? Do we pardon her completely just because she has children? Heck, in most cases, doesn't someone get punished MORE if they commit crimes while they have children?

So why does the left love Saul Arellano? Someone needs to take this kid aside (it would be social services, if they were even remotely interested in helping, well, anyone other than themselves) and explain to him:

Saul, I'm very sorry to tell you this, but your mom did some bad things. She broke the law. She took things that didn't belong to her. She hid from the police. And she said that she will continue to refuse to obey the law. So she's being punished. As soon as she agrees to stop breaking the law, she will be able to return to you. But as long as she won't obey the law, she's going to be punished.

Because that's the truth. This kid is so much of a pawn it's not funny. He's being taught by the left to hate America. Great job, Democrats.

Keep in mind his mother is very clear: if she doesn't agree with a law, she is simply not going to obey it -- ever. I have no problem with that position at all. In fact, I do that very thing each and every day. But it's shameful to use a child like this to advance your political cause.

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