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So, what does the ACLU hate about America today? Well, they oppose any public expression of any religion they don't like -- primarily anything to do with crosses and Christians. The ACLU subscribe to the religion of atheism, and they are vehemently opposed to Christians. Like Muslims, the ACLU wants to completely and utterly destroy anything and everything Christian. The biggest difference is that the ACLU does it in the legal arena, while the Muslims do it primarily with violence.

Heck, the ACLU is getting more and more similar to the Muslims these days. They're also working hard to ensure there are no visible pictures of an artist's interpretation of Jesus. After all, someone might be offended if they see a picture -- of course the fact that no one who's drawing pictures today has ANY clue what Jesus actually looks like doesn't seem to enter into any of these discussions...the ACLU doesn't care -- they just want to eradicate Christianity any way they can.