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Have you ever read "The Underground History of American Education?" If you want to know how and why the "public" education system in America works, you might want to. It's not a couple minutes' read, but it is quite enlightening. It starts out:

Our problem in understanding forced schooling stems from an inconvenient fact: that the wrong it does from a human perspective is right from a systems perspective.

I want to open up concealed aspects of modern schooling such as the deterioration it forces in the morality of parenting. You have no say at all in choosing your teachers. You know nothing about their backgrounds or families. And the state knows little more than you do. This is as radical a piece of social engineering as the human imagination can conceive. What does it mean?
What exactly is public about public schools? Thats a question to take seriously. If schools were public as libraries, parks, and swimming pools are public, as highways and sidewalks are public, then the public would be satisfied with them most of the time. Instead, a situation of constant dissatisfaction has spanned many decades. Only in Orwells Newspeak, as perfected by legendary spin doctors of the twentieth century such as Ed Bernays or Ivy Lee or great advertising combines, is there anything public about public schools.

Go read the entire thing if you truly want to understand why I, and many others, feel there is absolutely nothing redeeming about the entire government-run school system. But be prepared to be shocked and amazed. If information is power, this reading is an atom bomb.

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