Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Katrina Whining

Wow. These people are absolutely incredible. TWO YEARS after a Bush-made natural disaster, they are STILL complaining that they're not getting enough stuff for free!

People are angry and they want to send a message to politicians that they want them to do more and do it faster

They want MORE. For what? Well, nothing. They just feel entitled to "things." Presumably, they want free cash, free houses, free food, free education, and free jobs. They want things because they want them. They want YOU to work and earn money; and they want government to take that money from you and give it to them.

No, I do not feel sorry for these people. I don't even have empathy for them any more. If you're sitting in New Orleans after two damn years, still complaining that "government" hasn't GIVEN you enough, you're just a selfish bastard that wants to live off the backs of others.