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It's time. Many groups are joining forces. The dreambeat will get louder. The voices calling for immediate, unconditional surrender will scream. September is their month. Watch the news. Watch the TV. Watch blogs. The order of the month will be "surrender now." But some people are working against those who would surrender.

Now like those who support surrender, I want peace. I'd love to have peace now. I really would. However, unlike those who support the September Surrender, I do not want peace at any cost.

The peace that these people support is peace while living in Dhimmitude. The sort of peace these people suggest is peace while giving the world to Islam. Whether you think 1% of Muslims are dangerous or 99% doesn't matter -- surrender now IS surrender to the raidicals who will force you to convert or die. Surrender now will ensure that any "moderate" Muslim faction has no chance. Surrender now means that Islam will become the law of the land around the world.

A number of people claim that military might will not work. However, history strongly disagrees with them. In fact, history shows that not only can military might work, but it works whenever it's tried -- when it's used correctly. When we fought in WWII, we could have surrendered. We could have given in to either the Nazis or Japan. Instead, we used a mighty military, with massive force, to crush them -- and look at them now.

Japan is a great world economic power that has abandoned it's hereditary imperial ways. Germany is so peace-loving now that they are willing to submit and surrender to Islam.

There is no question we can win. However, it will take great courage and a lot of conviction -- which our current leadership, especially in the House and Senate, do not have. But if we can abjectly humiliate the Islamofascists, including their passive supporters that are the majority of the Muslims in the Middle East and the world, and show them that their hatred and their belief system is not tolerable in today’s world, then they may come out of it like Japan and Germany.

I wish we could win the hearts and minds of the Muslims -- but thousands of years of history shows me that it isn't going to happen -- at least not on a large scale. We will only win with crushing military might.

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