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Once again, another court has made a royal decree that atheism shall be, and is, the official religion of the United States. Someone needs to tell the Muslims who are mad at Christians that America is NOT a Christian Nation. Instead our official, enforced, mandatory religion is atheism. And if you don't like it, tough. I wish there were a law that made it so the government couldn't decide my religion. I wish there were a rule that said something like government "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

But I'm dreaming of a place that doesn't exist.

In the case linked above, one person tried to give another one something for free. No one tried to force anyone to do anything. The courts ruled that that should not be allowed. Instead, the court clearly said that if a person might be offended by something, that something must be stopped and not permitted to happen.

In other words, based on that court decision, if you're offended by driving by my church in the morning, the church shall be shut down. Seriously, that's what the ruling means. Of course the commies at the ACLU claim it's an "endorsement" of religion -- which by extension means that the government is endorsing my church because they accept tax dollars in property taxes from the church.

In addition, since I am subject to the laws of the government, if you don't like me praying in my home -- if that offends you -- according to this judge, I should stop. Because, you see, since I pay taxes, I'm part of the government so if I'm praying, that's government endorsement of religion.

But, not to worry -- soon I shall be jailed anyway for saying things like, "I think homosexuality is wrong."

This is NOT a free country. We do NOT have freedom of religion. We have government granted permission to worship away from others who might be offended (for the time being). That is, unless your religion is atheism -- then you have complete freedom to participate in that state-sponsored religion any time and anywhere you like.

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