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So, where's Mohammad these days? You know Mohammad, the leader of the religion of peace, right? Well, Mohammed's not around these days, but there's lots of people in the world today that claim to be following his lead. What have they been doing?

For one, they're telling people to convert or die. This is a common trend with this religion. They are telling people that they must join the Muslim religion and abandon any other -- if you refuse, members of this religion will kill you. Isn't fear a wonderful way to convert people to your religion?

They're also attacking young children. Remember the discussions a year or so ago where many bloggers were attacked for saying that we cannot win against this enemy because we aren't willing to kill children? This shows yet again that the followers of Islam are perfectly willing to kill and maim anyone who opposes them.

And yes, they're killing family members of anyone who opposes them to. The message of this religion is very clear: you join them or they will kill you. To be sure there are a few -- a very few -- who do not want this type of violence. Unfortunately, the number of people who think this way is very small.

To those who would compare this religion to Christianity, I wonder -- where in the world today will you find Christians telling people to convert or they will kill you? Instead, I think you will find Christians telling people they can be saved and instead doing as their leader told them -- loving others. Where in the world today do you find Christians following their leader and maiming young children? Instead, I think you will find them ministering to children and providing them with blessings and love -- as their leader suggests. And where in the world today can you find Christians murdering innocent people for simply disagreeing with them? Instead, I think you will find the majority of the members of the Christian religion trying to follow their leader and helping families of their enemies.

To those who would equate Christianity and Islam, I humbly suggest that you don't know much about those religions today.

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