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Government education is horrible. I haven't written much about the government education system recently because I simply don't have words to describe it. If you think the current "public" education system is even remotely interested in educating your children, you're deeply confused. The government education system exists to support itself, and has absolutely NO other purpose.

Have you seen the "evil" sketch that got a student suspended in Arizona? The silly thing doesn't even look like a gun. But worse, the government bureaucrats (teachers and administrators) are actually defending their actions. At this point, I'm now beyond saying that it's just the bureaucrats -- the teachers are just as bad these days.

Why do I say that? Because in order for this event to happen, a teacher had to see the drawing. The teacher had to look at the picture and either think, "Oh, I'm scared;" or "That's against the rules." The TEACHER then had to report the student. Then the moron that is the principal then had to agree, "Oh, this is dangerous." Then the idiots that are the district administrators had to look at this and say, "This is absolutely a threat."

Every last person in that chain of events is a stupid moron. I don't say that lightly. You people who look at a poorly drawn imaginary "gun" (it's even a LASER gun that doesn't exist!) and are threatened should be locked up in an insane asylum. You're fools. You're the worst type of government employee. And with this many people involved that are total idiots shows that the entire system is utterly and completely infected by morons.

No, there's NO way to compare this to Columbine, as the idiot administrators actually did! There was NO THREAT. It was an imaginary drawing of an imaginary object. There was no blood. There was no one dying. There was nothing even remotely threatening. This would be exactly the same as a person drawing a monster and people being "threatened" by that.

The government education system, from the administrators on down to the teachers, are completely and totally hopeless. They are useless. They serve NO purpose other than to consume your tax dollars, literally. They do not educate. They do not teach. They have no value. The government education system is completely and totally beyond repair and has nothing worth saving.

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