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They're still doing these things? I thought by now common sense had taken over and people realized that "guns for ..." well, anything was nothing but stupidity. Then again, since liberalism still lives, things like this will certainly continue. After all, these "gun exchanges" are a true example of total style over substance.

In this particular article, a person traded in a missile launcher for a pair of sneakers (which YOU paid for). These stupid, taxpayer money wasting events are supposed to "get guns off the streets." Others claim they make the streets safer because there will be less guns on the street. So, how many people honestly think that we're safer because this fellow turned in his rocket launcher? Seriously.

Do you think he was planning on using the darn thing? Do you think he was getting ready to fire at the police station, but at the last minute thought, "gee, I can turn this thing in for a pair of sneakers. I think I'd rather have those!" Incredibly, those people who support these things (and FORCE you to pay for them with your money) actually do.

Instead, do you think it's more likely that this missile launcher had already been used? There's a lot of people that think there was a US Airliner shot down in NY years ago using a missile launcher. What a perfect way to get rid of any evidence against you, huh?

The vast majority of guns that are turned into these stupid events are either broken or tainted. Even having such a system in place gives criminals a perfect way to get rid of any firearm used in a crime without any chance of punishment. What a great system we have, huh?

Gun trade-ins do less than nothing to reduce crime -- instead they're more likely to give people a way to get away with a crime than have someone not commit a crime. But that is classic liberalism -- it feels good, so they do it -- no matter what the real consequences might be.

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