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I'm quite sure by now that everyone who isn't living under a rock (and even those of us who are) has heard of the bishop who says that we should all worship Allah to "ease tensions." Others more knowledgeable than I have written volumes condemning this bishop. I've seen no official reaction from the Catholic church. But I think I understand Bishop Tiny Muskens.

All Bishop Muskens wants is peace. And he's willing to do anything in the name of peace. Unfortunately, this simply won't work.

Look, I want peace, too. I very much want peace. I will not, however, do anything in order to get peace. This Bishop believes that if he can "build a bridge" between Christians and Muslims, then there will be peace between them. However, he comes from a Christian point of view and truly does not understand the state of mind of the Muslim. If you look at the reaction of the Muslim world to his statement, notice what you see:

Seriously. The only response from the Muslims in this Bishop's own country has been that they didn't ask for this. In other words, according to Muslims themselves, this action does absolutely nothing to appease the Muslims nor make peace with the religion of Islam.

However, in one thing, I think the Bishop may be right. The Bishop thinks that within 100 years, all Dutch churches will be using the name "Allah" for God. The way things are going now, that will be the case -- it's called "Dhimmitude." This is the process in which non-Muslims are permitted to live in countries ruled by Islam. Under this situation, ALL citizens are subject to all aspects of the Quran, no matter what your religion. It's a term used when a country has been conquered by Muslims -- to describe the losers in that battle.

In another area, however, I think this Bishop is way off. Now this Bishop is a Catholic. For those who aren't familiar with the Catholic religion, they believe that only priests are qualified to read the Bible and determine it's meaning. Therefore, technically, if you follow the Catholic religion, you're supposed to take the Bishop's word for whatever he says is in the Bible. If you're Christian, you can read the Bible yourself.

The Bishop claims that God doesn't care what you call him. The Bishop says it's okay to call God "Allah" because it just doesn't matter. However, if you read the Bible, the biggest reference to God's name is in Exodus 3:

Moses said to God, “If I go to the Israelites and tell them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is his name?’ – what should I say to them?”

God said to Moses, “I am that I am.”

I don't read anywhere where it says, "Gee, Moses, just call me whatever you want. I don't really care." It doesn't say, "You know, my name really is Allah, but you Jewish people can just call me anything." I don't see, "Call me anything, just don't call me late for dinner." That's simply not what it says. Personally, I think God is above being named by mere morals. He just IS.

But personal religion aside, again, I think this Bishop is misguided. He honestly believes that by appeasing the Muslims that there will be peace today. I want there to be peace -- but this Bishop is willing to give up everything for peace -- including his own religion. Please take careful note of the response of the Muslims world to these actions -- THEY DON'T CARE. In other words, simply calling God "Allah" is NOT advancing peace in any way, shape or form -- it's simply surrendering to the religion of Islam.

Support this Bishop and his actions if you like -- but be prepared to follow all the tenets of Sharia Law if you do.

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