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If you've read this site for any period of time, you know my position on unions. In case you don't, I'll outline it in brief for you: Unions suck. Sure, there was a time in American history when they made sense. Today unions are nothing more than political machines designed to make money for themselves and protect themselves from competition by exploiting others at any expense.

Here's an example -- from the Boston "janitor's" union:

Rosalia Minas, 41, said she is barely able to support her two children on her part-time job cleaning a building in the Financial District and had to pick up a second job.

That's what these slimeballs are after -- free cash. So, how much money do you think you should make to raise two children? Is $50,000 a year enough? Maybe we should be safe and call it $75,000. Now this greedy, miserable SOB wants to earn that much PART TIME. So she is honestly asking for $75 AN HOUR to sweep the floor. Seriously, that's what the union is asking for in this case! Gee, how many of you would work for $75 an hour, 20 hours a week, sweeping floors?

Slimy, greedy, miserable bums, the lot of them.

If you want money, how about working and earning it? If your job doesn't pay enough, how about trying to find another job? Gee, don't have the skills to be a brain surgeon? How about going to school? Oh, gee, you have kids to support? Maybe you should have thought about that before you had those kids -- the stork didn't bring them, you know? And by the way, Miss Minas, where's their father? Huh?

Sorry, I have no pity at all for someone who marches in the street to demand more for nothing. Worse, since this is in Massachusetts, I bet the government gives them their raise. Lots more money for doing absolutely nothing -- only government can achieve this feat.

I reiterate -- unions have no purpose today. You want to form one, you go ahead. However, don't try and stop me from crushing them.

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