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The Lone Protester continues his campaign. If you forget who this is, it's a South Carolina man who was arrested while protesting illegal aliens committing a crime in progress. Yes, while the police were arresting him for protesting, he pointed out illegals in the process of committing crimes. He was arrested and the illegals continue their "work."

Terry Funderburk (the Lone Protester) says:

How is it that the political parties in this great country of ours, which prides itself as a nation of laws forget that they serve at the will of the people? How is it that they can control the system to the extent that they determine that certain of our laws will not be enforced? Who in this country has the authority to exceed the limits of the Constitution? How is it that these same parties can allow America to be invaded by millions upon millions of illegal aliens from other countries, totally against the wishes of a huge majority of Americans and in violation of the Constitution.
How can they allow our great foundations that were established 231 years ago to become so corrupted? How can they rip the Constitution to shreds, tear apart the Declaration of Independence and forget the Bill of Rights? How can they completely destroy everything our country was built upon? How can these two political parties so effectively and completely alter the future of this country and almost destroy the fabric of American society?
How is it that the American people can sit idly by and watch these once great political parties become so corrupt as to ignore the rule of law? Where are our great foundations of justice, the Bill of Rights, our local courts, the Supreme Court, indeed our entire legal system when the American people are in dire need of them? Where are our law enforcement institutions, local, state and federal when the American people need them? They are supposed to be the American citizens' first line of defense and they have been willfully negligent in their assigned responsibilities.
Why has government of all levels abdicated their responsibilities to the citizens of this country? Why does the will of the American people not matter anymore to certain people and parties in this country? How can we as Americans allow certain groups to so control our future that they are well on the way to destroying this once great country?
It is time for change. It is time for we Americans to take back our once great country. It is time we begin to set things right again. It is time for us to repair the damage these people and parties have done to us. It is time for us to rid ourselves of corrupt officials at all levels that totally control the system to the extent that the will of the American people are ignored and our laws are not enforced. It is time for us to hold our law enforcement officials at all levels to the oath that they swore to when they took those positions. To demand of them that they will not ignore certain laws. To demand of them to enforce all laws fairly and equally. Simply enforce our laws under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and every other law in the land.
It is time for a change in this great country. It is time for the American people to start getting angry about the great problems facing us and at the ones who are responsible for it. Angry at the ones whose solutions only erode this country more. It is time for the America people to take our country back. It is time for us to remember all of the great Americans that gave their lives, from the revolution to Iraq and Afghanistan, the ones who gave their everything. It is time to rid ourselves of politicians who have been in office so long that they think they own an inherited position. It is time to rid ourselves of politicians who have forgotten who this country actually belongs to. It belongs to us and we need to take it back. It is time for a change.

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