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aftereden.gifBreaking new research in the Global Warming Religion (TM)! New research claims that no matter what you do, YOU are contributing to global warming. In fact, this researcher says that walking contributes MORE to global warming than driving! And adherents to the Religion of Global Warming know that driving is completely evil -- so what does that make walking? If these people are to be taken at face value, you're now supposed to sit at home and do literally NOTHING -- or you're an evil person who contributes to global warming. You cannot exercise now, you cannot watch TV, you cannot even EAT!

But such IS the purpose of the Religion of Global Warming.

If you take them at face value, you've been fooled. If you are one of those who says, "Oh, gee, it would be better to listen to them, because I want to save the world," you're a sucker. The purpose of the Religion of Global Warming is power, control, and money -- and nothing else. This most recent research shows what I have been saying all along -- the earth is warming, and there's absolutely nothing humans can do about it.

Oh, but to show even more evidence it's about control and money, how about taking a hard look at the hundreds of billions that The Religion of Global Warming will cost America? Yes, Congress, always trying to screw things up, is considering passing a law to drastically REDUCE the American economy -- in the name of the Religion of Global Warming. You see, according to this religion, America is evil. Therefore, anything that can make America worse off is good. That's what Global Warming is about. When you support "stopping" global warming, you're supporting crushing America.

And yes, the Religion of Global Warming is about power, too. Government officials today exist to spend money. The more money they can spend, the happier they are. They honestly do not care how much money they spend, because it's not theirs, and they have an absolutely endless supply of money: you, the sucker taxpayer. So government wants (always) to spend MORE. The Religion of Global Warming is being used as an excuse to spend more.

Man-made Global Warming is crap. It's a Religion. It's a set of beliefs designed to fool people into caring -- and giving piles of cash and power to a small group of people. If you think otherwise, you're simply wrong -- just look at the evidence.