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I wish we could have more peace.

Instead, we're sending 26,000 people to Darfur. They're "peacekeeping" troops, but they're heading there for war. It is highly likely there will be lots of killing and death. Why can't we have peace?

Of course, there's already been as many as 125,000 people that have already been killed in the Darfur region in the past few years. So when the "UN" troops arrive, don't blame the new arrivals for the deaths. Don't blame the "invading force" for lack of peace. The lack of peace comes from the people who are currently living in Darfur that continue to kill one another.

I don't like killing and death. I wish they would just stop. Why can't we have more peace? I call on all the Muslims in Darfur to stop killing one another today so we can have peace.

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