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dnctipsters.jpgOnce again, Democrats and others in Congress have shown how they feel about this country and freedom. They honestly don't like freedom. Once again, they are showing that they are willing to bow to Muslims because they don't want to offend them. Once again, this time Congress has voted to allow Muslims and any other terrorists or criminals to sue anyone who reports them for suspicious activity. In other words, as the picture shows, if you see a suspicious package, DO NOT report it! If you do, you can be sued for all you own. Instead, government really is telling you to shut your mouth OR YOU WILL PAY.

Repubicans Respond:
"Its official, last night when given the opportunity to stand up for the First Amendment and free speech, Senate Democrats rose in near unison (one yea) to clearly say they oppose free speech rights for American broadcasters. By a
49-48 vote (3/5 required) the Democrat-led Senate voted against considering Sen. Norm Colemans (MN) Amendment aimed at guaranteeing free speech protections.

"Among the 48 Democrats voting against free speech protections for Americans:

* Sen. Pryor (AR)
* Sen. Biden (DE)
* Sen. Durbin (IL)
* Sen. Harkin (IA)
* Sen. Landrieu (LA)
* Sen. Kerry (MA)
* Sen. Levin (MI)
* Sen. Baucus (MT)
* Sen. Lautenberg (NJ)
* Sen. Reed (RI)
* Sen. Rockefeller (WV)

"Please check out the NRSCs online petition and Web site at intended to alert the American public to the Democrats attempts to stifle public debate and to provide a unified voice to say Americans will not stand for Liberal Censorship. Currently the Fairness Doctrine would only impact broadcast media, but how long until Democrat attempts to censor free speech expand to other media outlets?"

Know what my response is to government? The same as usual: Bite me. Sorry, but I'm going to continue fighting for freedom, even if I can't win. I will go down fighting.


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