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What a shocker. The Charlotte Observer strongly supports throwing enormous piles of federal cash (taken from working taxpayers) at the government education system (which has nothing to do with educating people). This time it's called the "Graduation Promise Act" -- and costs $2.5 billion. Like everything else associated with government education, it has absolutely no value and will help no one except bureaucrats.

This one claims to help "reduce dramatically the number of high school dropouts." If they really want to increase the graduation rate, just start printing diplomas for anyone who reaches the age of 18. Seriously. Then they can claim much higher graduation rates and everyone will be happy -- and it would cost a LOT less.

These socialists and bureaucrats who literally want nothing but more money taken from those who work are playing on your emotions. After all, don't you WANT to help the poor and underprivileged? If you don't support this, you're heartless! Of course, this is in direct opposition to the fact that some people simply are not capable of learning enough to be considered educated. But don't worry, government can solve that problem, too -- with just a little more money.

What are they crying about and trying to get you to support massive new taxation?

More class time, immediate intervention and targeted help for each student who fails or falls behind, intensive focus on language and math, plus more challenging and inviting learning environments make a difference for struggling students.

And the most ironic thing about this?
Most of these strategies are already a part of N.C. Gov. Mike Easley's New Schools Project that aims to help transform conventional high schools into ones that are relevant and effective.

In other words, North Carolina is already doing this -- but we still need BILLIONS more in taxes to pay for it -- and the results from doing this now in North Carolina? A 68% graduation rate.

But gee, if we'd just spend a few billion more, all the problems would be solved.

Actually, if the entire government system of schools and "education" -- from age 3 to graduate schools -- would shut down overnight, EVERYONE would be SUBSTANTIALLY better off. Well, everyone except the government bureaucrat employees who live off other people's hard work.

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