Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: "Evolution" proves Theory of Evolution Wrong - Again

Heh. Scientists are crowing over "new proof" of evolution -- which once again proves that evolution isn't what Darwin's theory claims.

In the article, scientists point out that a butterfly developed a gene to resist a parasite in less than one year -- 10 generations. They're claiming that evolution occurred in a "flash" instead of over billions of years. But what they're not noticing is that the evolution occurred so that the butterflies could remain the same. In other words, these new, evolved butterflies are not bigger, better, strong, or indeed even different -- they're the same butterfly. They didn't evolve to change. They didn't evolve into another species. They didn't evolve into humans -- they evolved to stay the same.

That's evolution -- species adapting to survive. It's not evolution into something different. It's not a dog changing into a monkey. This is NOT what Darwin's theory teaches -- Darwin claimed that species evolved into other species -- and there's simply no evidence of that happening.

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