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Imagine being wrapped in a sheet by a mob. Then you get dropped, feet first, into a hole that's a few feet deep -- deep enough to reach your waist. Then the hole gets filled in and the dirt gets packed so that you cannot move your lower body. As you look up, you can see dozens, if not hundreds of people in a circle around you -- including friends and relatives. Suddenly they start yelling, "Allah Akbar" and the stones start flying. Small rocks and large rocks pelt your head, chest, and back. You can feebly attempt to block them with your arms as they strike you, but for each one you block, ten others hit you. Quickly you cannot see because of the blood from wounds on your head pours into your eyes. You can hear ribs crack as the stones hit them. Your ears ring as stones strike them. Your fingers break. You can only hope that a stone will soon hit you in the head and will knock you unconscious. Your legs and feet are trapped, so your natural instincts to flee are stopped as another stone tears at your flesh. If you're lucky, you will pass from consciousness before an eye is struck and torn from it's socket. Even with your mouth closed, rocks smash into your cheeks and face, breaking off teeth, tearing your tongue. As the darkness of death finally takes your soul, the stones continue flying, smashing into your body, crushing your skull as the blood pours from your body all over the ground.

And what did you do to deserve this barbaric treatment? Perhaps you slept with a woman not your wife -- or maybe just said, "Allah is not god."

This IS Islam. This IS Iran. You can try and claim Islam is a religion of peace, but you are simply wrong. Islam is violence, plain and simple. And Iran -- nearly nuclear Iran -- is the current world leader of this violent religion.

And what is the world's reaction to a country that supports, condones, and carries out such procedures as a "matter of law?" Nothing. And the Democrats honestly think that we can simply "talk" to this sort of people.

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