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Yay. What a vacation. I had almost zero contact with news or information. I didn't even see algore's internet (which is why I had so much spam). As Angel says, "Ignorance is bliss." I can certainly see why so many people are disconnected from the news and politics. Regular blogging will continue tomorrow (unless I go the way of Daisy Cutter)...

For those who weren't aware, I was traveling up and down the east coast, driving and camping. It was indeed lots of fun. I talked to lots of people about lots of things. A few awards:

Worst roads:
PA without a doubt. Sorry, Oddy, but those roads were really bad. I thought I broke a tire (not a wheel, but a TIRE) on more than one of those damn potholes. NJ used to be bad, but PA really took the cake here. Avoid I-84 and I-81 in PA if you can. Runner-up: NC I-40 west of Statesville.

Worst Traffic:
CT without a doubt. CT simply does not have enough roads. If they'd build a few more lanes, there wouldn't be people driving 20mph on the interstate at all hours of the day. CT is ALWAYS bad. They need to build more lanes, period. Actually the traffic is so bad there ALL hours of the day, that I'm seriously considering driving to NH via Albany, NY just to avoid driving through the parking lot that is CT. Runner-up: no one. Nowhere was traffic this bad.

Dumbest Law:
TN alcohol id. Apparently TN has a new law that requires EVERYONE to show ID when purchasing alcohol. The lunatics that make laws in the state apparently honestly believe that forcing gray-haired old ladies to show id to buy beer will make the world a safer place for everyone. Runner-up: VA and their moronic "safety zones" on the interstate to raise cash for the state.

Best law:
When horseback riding in NC, they had a sign posted that informed riders that if you were killed while riding a horse, you were not able to sue the farm. It really is a sad state of affairs to even think that we need that law, but it sure is a good law to have in place. Runner-up: NH helmet laws. I think I saw 30-40 people riding motorcycles in NH and THREE of them had helmets. That really goes to show that when you let people have freedom, they will exercise that freedom. People really do want to be free.

So I'm back, and I'm trying to get things in order before I head back to work. In the meantime, for those thinking about a run for public office:


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