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Camping PictureWell, it's that time again -- time for the Ogre to go off into a cave and ignore the world for awhile. All you people who read blogs and news daily, I strongly suggest that you find time to do the same. What you will find out when you return is that nothing really important happened. Now this year there's a chance that the Senate will pass amnesty while I'm gone. But I've done all I can to stop that nightmare (dozens of faxes and phone calls). So I'm going camping.

Sometimes in the past I've had posts that would appear the two weeks I've been gone, but this year that didn't work out. So basically, you're not going to see anything new here for a couple weeks. I'll be tent camping without electricity -- no phones, computers, internet, or much of anything. Well, I might have to check the email once or twice to quell the urge... ;)

So please accept my thanks for stopping by today and reading this post. And I promise, I'll be back about July 9th or so with more analysis of North Carolina government and reporting on the daily losses of freedom in this once-great country formerly known as the United States of America. And maybe one day, in the far future, we truly will be able to live free.

Oh, and I know it's been awhile since I've seen a comment party anywhere, so you people behave in the comments or I'll be calling on horse-dog Jake to deal with you...

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