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Once again, time for a few notes on summer driving.

Please realize that many people are driving somewhere on their vacation time during the summer -- even if you're not. If they are on vacation in your city or town, they will not know their way around. Here's a clue -- when you see a license plate that's a different color than yours, there's a good chance they're from out of town.

Take a moment and take a deep breath. We people from out of town really don't know our way around your town. We will be driving a bit slower. We might get in the wrong lane, or realize at the last minute that we're in the wrong lane and will suddenly need to get out of that lane. Honestly, we're sorry, we just don't know.

So take a moment and relax. Calm down. It's summertime, take a break! And if you have to work while we're on vacation, know that we'll be working when you're on vacation, so you can laugh at us then!

This public-service ad not paid for by any useless government taxes, unlike all the other ones.

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