Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Tolerance = Death

We must be more tolerant. We're told this every day by socialist and communist supporters around the world -- from ABC News to the Academics to the Democrat Party. Over and over we're told that if we dare to criticize anyone for, well, anything, then we're simply intolerant and unaccepting of someone else's "lifestyle" or choices. The only way to live in such a world as these utopians envision is to be dead. Just ask Younis Masih.

Younis said that it was bad to rape young girls. For that, he will die.

And if you disagree with that proposition, you're simply intolerant and unaccepting of the Muslim religion. He had been charged in Pakistan and has been sentenced to death because of his actions. Oh, and if anyone else provides any legal assitance to Younis? They will die also. If you provide any security assistance to him -- dead. Once again, if you disagree, with these various death sentences, you're intolerant.

Know what? I'm intolerant of any religion that wants to kill people for saying that young girls shouldn't be raped. I guess if I lived in Pakistan, I'd be killed, too. Good thing we don't subscribe to Islam in America...yet...

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