Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Philadelphia Demands Man-Boy Anal Sex

The City of Philadelphia has come out with open opposition to NOT having man-boy anal sex in public buildings. They have voted to kick out an organization that doesn't openly support man-boy anal sex from all public buildings. I guess the "City of Brotherly Love" takes it's motto seriously. They claim it's "discrimination" to openly say that man-boy anal sex is wrong.

I was once asked by someone if I discriminated. I said that I discriminated all the time -- against actions. For example, I discriminate against rapists. I discriminate against those who murder innocent people. And yes, I discriminate against any male who wants to have anal sex with a boy. But according to the City of Philadelphia, that makes me "abhorrent" and "at opposition with the city's principles." I'm glad to be on the right side of this one; but I'm amazed that the City of Philadelphia can openly support man-boy anal sex in public buildings.

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