Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: The New Layout

Well, it's here. What do you think?

I've removed much of the advertising that marked this site as spyware, and I removed Sitemeter that's setting 3rd-party cookies. Blogrolling still is incredibly slow to load, but it's still there. I haven't finished with the permalink page, so that layout may change a bit as I fine tune this.

However, the site does work better with FireFox. What you should be seeing at the top, just under the picture, is a line that's updated as the page loads. With FireFox, it counts steps 1-4, then gives you a percentage as the slow blogrolling pages load. However, IE didn't want to do that, instead it kept skipping the last few steps. So, with IE, you get the Steps countdown, but then it shows the link to the Information Booth -- however, the blogrolls may not be completely loaded before you get the link. Oh well.

Feel free to check out the information booth and look around. Let me know if anything looks odd on your screen, please. Oh, and if you're reading this in a RSS feed, you probably won't see any differences. I'm thinking about playing with those settings soon...

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