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VW thought for some reason it would be fun to tag me with another silly meme. I don't know why she thought that it would be fun. As usual, this one comes with ZERO instructions. Therefore I can do anything I want and comply with the "rules" of the meme. So here goes:

What? You thought I'd do something? :)

Okay, I'll play along, just this once... (and in case you don't know how this one works, this is a list of keywords of movies from IMDB. You have to try and guess which movie each one describes. I don't watch many movies, but these are a few I like. Some will be quite easy to guess...)

1. Gunshot / Creek / Graft / Ethics / American
(Should be simple. I bet Harvey gets it right away)

2. Anachronistic / British Film / Severed Arm / Eccentric / British
(yeah, that one is too easy)

3. Eaten Alive / Pug Dog / Alien Baby / Suicide / New York City
(that's not even a challenge, is it?)

4. Cellular Phone / E Mail / Fight On Train Roof / Sequel To TV Series / Berlin Germany
(These are way too easy.)

5. Steampunk / No Opening Credits / 18th Century / British Empire / Pirates
(Is there even a point to me continuing?)

6. Shot In The Head / Good Versus Evil / Car Accident / Indiana Jones / U Boat
(oh, there's a toughie)

7. Male Nudity / Period Drama / Dance Hall / Boarding House / Oklahoma
(That first keyword is SO wrong.)

8. Eighteenth Century / Fireplace / Catholic Priest / Vienna Austria / Talent
(Hey look, one that might take at least 2 guesses to figure out)

9. Good Versus Evil / Desert / Death Of Loved One / Cult / Bow And Arrow
(I guess that could take 2 guesses)

10. Motivation / Kiss / Eggs / Inspiration / Competition
(I have no idea what those words have to do with this movie).

Now I just have to remember which movies I just searched for when you guess...

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