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If you've been paying attention to the world, you realize that the religion of Islam is a religion of violence. Muslims are tasked with spreading their religion and killing anyone who will not convert. However, organizations with terrorist ties, such as CAIR, refuse to admit the truth. Many politically correct organizations support Islam and terrorism because they simply refuse to admit that the religion is used to kill and destroy. For those who continue to refuse to believe, a quick example:

In Egypt (not Iran, Iraq, or Afghanistan), Muslims attacked Christians and burned buildings. This is a normal action for Muslims whenever they are offended. 69 Christians were injured while Egyptian "police" stood by and watched.

So, what so offended 500 Muslims that they needed to attack and burn Christians? The Christians were planning to build a church. That's all. If you simply PLAN to build a Christian church in Egypt, the Muslims there may kill you. And somehow, that's not considered intolerant by the left in America.

Islam kills. I'm not asking you to agree with it, I'm just stating a fact -- no matter how much you might dislike it.

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