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The government-run socialist school system continues to brainwash unsuspecting youth. Note this essay by Danielle England and Kori Nunes. They support complete removal of the Second Amendment. Why? Because they don't trust me. I guess since their god, the US government, claims I'm a terrorist, they believe their god and don't trust me. But they really think the world will be safer without guns. Guess they haven't heard about Japan. Good thing they don't have guns and are only beheading and dismembering people.

But this is a result of the government school system. The government run system is telling your children that all guns are bad all the time. They are being told that you cannot trust anyone with a gun because you will kill people. The government run system is pointing out and teaching this vulnerable kids that anyone with a gun, other than government agents, is a bad person. And the kids believe them.

Arm yourselves now, because when these kids get to voting age, they're going to do all they can to disarm you so that only the government will be armed. Of course, the kids are also not taught that every single time that has happened in all of human history, government then starts killing anyone they don't like.

And once again, government schools illustrate their utter worthlessness to a free country.

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