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Isn't this nice? Trust your government and your government schools. Why?

It was a 5-minute learning experience.

We got together and discussed what we would have done in a real situation.

We can learn from this.

It will have a positive result of growth for all of us.

They're great teachers.

If (the assistant principal) loses his job, I will break into tears. He's the best assistant principal I've ever had.

Isn't that wonderful? Isn't it great how the teachers are teaching our children? Come on, everyone sing Kumbaya! Awwww....

Oh, but did you want to know what they were doing? Yes, the teachers and administrators were terrorizing the students. 69 sixth-graders were victims of terrorism. They trusted their teachers and the teachers lied to them in order to "teach" the students how to be scared witless.

The children were in that room in the dark, begging for their lives, because they thought there was someone with a gun after them.

But hey, that's okay, because government schools exist to "educate" students, right? Aren't you glad that your tax money is being used to teach children how to cry and hide under desks while they're being terrorized? Well, if the Democrats (and the NEA) have their way, there's going to be a lot more of that in the US, so perhaps it is a valuable skill to learn.

You just go ahead, keep supporting those government schools. Keep telling yourself, "Gee, that might happen over there, but it won't happen in MY government school. MY school is better than that." Sorry. If it's a government run school (aka "public" school), it's no better than the steaming pile left by that brown cow in the field. Government schools have zero interest in education.

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