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I just recently found out that I'm a terrorist. I wasn't aware of this apparent "fact." I mean, I knew that the FBI considered me a terrorist. I'm not aware if I'm in their TSDB database -- because they won't tell me. National security and all those such claims. But you see, I once read Unintended Consequences and was quite impressed with the book. Then one day I attended a FBI security briefing for technology security and was confronted with an image of the book -- strongly implying those who own or read the book were terrorists.

But now I find I'm considered a terrorist by many other government agencies! Seriously, I wonder when I shall be arrested and "Detained."

The state of PA says that I'm a terrorist. See that flag they show as a "terrorist" flag? I fly it outside my house every day -- just below the American flag. And it's on a big, 25' flagpole so I'm sure it's been spotted. Guess I better stay away from PA.

The FBI says I'm a terrorist because I (and I'm not making this up):

Request authority for a stop
Make numerous references to the US Constitution
Defender of the US Constitution

With all the references I've made to the Constitution on this very web site, I don't know how they allow me to roam free. They seriously, honestly classify me as a domestic terrorist.

The state of Alabama says I'm a terrorist. That link is to an archive of their page because apparently a lot of libertarians complained about the web page, so it just magically disappeared -- without anyone saying the information wasn't true. They claim I'm a terrorist because I believe in gun rights and protest taxes. Because I think the Constitution has been subverted, AL says that I'm a terrorist.

The state of Virginia also says I'm a terrorist. Why there? Because I'm a "property rights advocate." Seriously, in Virginia, you're a TERRORIST if you advocate for property rights. I think they're going to need to build more jails to house us all.

Here in NC, I cannot find anything on line related to the state and homeland security. So while I'm clearly a terrorist (the FBI says so), maybe I won't be arrested by the local folks just yet. But perhaps when they get a couple more taxpayer grants, they'll come visit me and I can start planning my stay at club Gitmo for supporting the Constitution (oops, I mentioned it again).

Incredibly, none of this is in jest. These various government agencies honestly believe *I* am a "domestic terrorist." That is so sad. Indeed, this once-great country has nowhere to go but down.

Okay, I made a quiz. I used the exact words from the various government agencies web pages. Check and see if you, too, are a terrorist:

Are you a terrorist?

Your score is 75%

Congratulations, you are a domestic terrorist. Well, at least you are according to the US government. Consider turning yourself in to your local authorities. There are FBI offices all around they country and they would like to talk to you. Pack your bags for Gitmo because the government doesn't like you.

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