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Yes, folks, if you are reading this in the United States, you, personally, are now financially responsible to get "hundreds of thousands" of people in California to work. Why? Because if you don't, the government will imprison you or shoot you. And no, that's not sarcasm or hyperbole, it's the absolute truth...and that's really sad.

What have we become in this country? Are there any people, anywhere in the country that are capable of doing anything without government? Certainly there is nothing left that we are permitted to do without asking government for permission, but there should at least be a few things we can do without government help. Alas, no.

What I'm referring to is the CA tanker fire that burned the bridge. You see, Arnold (governor of CA) has decided that people in the state are incapable of getting to work in any way, shape, or form without his help. So he is going to make thousands of buses available for people to use to get to work today -- and he's "declared a state of emergency" -- which means that the federal government will give him the money to do so. Therefore, YOU are paying to get people to work in CA today because the government thinks you're too stupid to find a way to get to work without them.

This really does just amaze me. This once-great country has come so far from a place where rugged individualism and hard work were hallmarks of it's people. We had a limited government once that was a necessary evil, but that stayed out of the way of progress and hard work. But today? It's absolutely disgusting to see how much government interferes with life -- and how horribly inefficient they are when they do so.

When did the people demand that government hold me personally responsible for ensuring that people in a state 3,000 miles away get to work? When did the people of that state decide that they would use the monopolistic force of government to extort my labor for their benefit? And when did I lose the freedom to "the enjoyment of the fruits of [my] own labor" (NC Constitution, Article I, Section 1)? Oh, how I yearn for freedom.

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