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Did you know that food can get you jailed? I only wish I were kidding. No, today's politically correct society now has devolved to the point where you can absolutely be jailed if you THINK politically incorrect. And I'm not talking left-wing wacko Bill Maher "politically incorrect" -- which is actually VERY politically correct. I'm talking first-amendment freedom of speech politically incorrect.

Two incidents this week that I'm aware of that should be absolutely disgusting to anyone who actually likes freedom. And no, I'm not holding my breath for that communist bastion of protectors of free speech that only they like, the ACLU, to join in and attempt to defend this freedom of speech.

The first is in so far left they wouldn't know freedom if it spanked them on their gay rear-ends California -- San Mateo, specifically. Are you ready for this great use of your tax dollars to openly oppress freedom of speech? How about this quote:

Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe says, “We definitely think this is a hate crime,” he said. “This one is pretty offensive.”

To what is he referring?
Pacifica police reported finding asparagus in Adler’s purse at the time of arrest.

Yes, Virginia, there really are vegetable police in San Mateo, CA. Don't you feel safer? And the police didn't find just any vegetable in the evil offender's purse - they found the most evil of all vegetables, the preferred vegetable weapon of hate groups worldwide -- the asparagus! It is rumored that the city council is considering registering and tracking all asparagus, if they can't get away with an outright ban of the evil vegetable in city limits.

But Tiffany Adler is likely going to have to go to jail. Why? Because she dared to speak a word and she was carrying asparagus. The word? Well, I'm sure not if I'm allowed to type the word. I mean, people in San Mateo may read this post and get offended and send the police to search my house and blog for vegetables as well. In fact, the San Mateo Daily Journal actually went and printed the offensive word. Someone call the police and have the editor arrested!

Worse, to show how far this absolutely insane crushing of freedom has gone, the people who were offended are claiming they are gay -- without any proof. And the assailant claims she didn't know they were gay. So that's justice today -- zero proof is required for any claims. The police are allowed to read the minds of any offender they don't like; and they're allowed to accept "sexual orientation" with zero evidence. That's not justice, that's open Nazism with protected, superior, individuals and speech codes. In this travesty of justice system, there is literally no chance of defense against a so-called "hate-crime" -- you are automatically guilty -- it's literally impossible to provide any defense against these sorts of punishments. That shouldn't happen in America.

Second is the food that's even more dangerous than the evil asparagus -- the HAM SANDWICH! Yes, folks, the most offensive food in the world still roams free without and licensing or registration requirements. I'm not sure how this evil piece of meat has been allowed to continue to fester and attack people around this country. Democrats on Capital Hill are likely preparing ham bans as you read this.

This event happened in Lewiston, Maine -- and it's much worse than the San Mateo "asparagus attack." According to published police reports, an unattended ham sandwich was found at Lewiston Middle School. Oh, the horror! Lewiston has requested hundreds of grief counselors to calm their students. The school district is evaluating it's potential liability exposure to lawsuits from those who might have been offended by the unattended sandwich.

However, exposure was limited by a quick-thinking student because the sandwich was in a bag. A student was suspended for leaving the sandwich unattended. And to ensure that no other sandwiches ever are left unattended for a period of more than a few seconds, "The center for the Prevention of Hate Violence is working with the school to devise a response plan."

Again, I only WISH I were making this up. Your tax dollars REALLY are being spend to devise a "response plan" for when students might leave a sandwich unattended on a table while they go to the trash or to get another helping of government cheese. And yes, this is "being investigated as a hate crime."

Remember this if you have an unattended sandwich in your kitchen -- you may be committing a hate crime, even if you are unaware of it. My advice to you, especially if you happen to live in Maine -- do not leave your sandwich unattended for even one second -- you literally might go to jail for it.

Welcome to America, 2007. We had freedom once. You'll have quite the hard time convincing me of that now.

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