Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: OR to Outlaw Christians

Sure, everyone knows that Oregon is a pretty liberal place. Everyone knows that if you want socialism in America, that's a good place to go. And I'm quite often in favor of self-government -- let people get what they vote for. Of course, there's limits. The first limit should be that they have to pay for it themselves. Then socialism would fail quickly. The second is that pesky thing that liberals absolutely despite: the U.S. Constitution.

The Constitution is very clear on many issues. Of course, if the Democrats don't like some portion of it, they tend to just ignore it. And with the 9th circus court overseeing Oregon, they often get support in their destruction of the Constitution. I expect no less this time.

The Senate in OR has passed a law that will make it illegal to be a Christian in the state. The governor has already indicated he will sign it. The only hope for any semblance of freedom in Oregon is to stop the bill in the OR House.

This bill, hailed by the hate-filled gay movement, will make it illegal to have a church. It will criminalize thought. It will require that children in the state accept and approve of homosexuality -- if they don't, they may not be permitted to get a high school diploma.

This law would require churches to hire homosexual -- in any position that the homosexual wants. The bill would create quotas for other businesses and would require each business to meet this quota of queers in the company.

Sorry, gay bastards, your behavior is NOT a civil right. This would be the first law of it's kind to attempt to make voluntary ACTIONS a "protected" civil right. And it would destroy any semblance of any Christianity in the state. This law would clearly and openly violate the first amendment regarding both speech and religion. But as the OR Constitution Party says, if this passes, perhaps it's time for another civil war.