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Government is incapable of education. The current education system in America is honestly not interested in educating anyone. Instead, the current system is 100% about cash -- getting it and spending it. Anyone who claims different is either uninformed or lying. I seriously believe that the entire government education system should be shut down -- starting with the federal department of education.

However, that would require people to work. That would require people to actually DO things. It would require people to raise their children, instead of handing that task over to the nanny state. So I guess that's not going to happen -- despite the absolutely HUGE economic impact that would happen if all government education shut down today. Instead, for now, I'll have to settle with the next best thing: homeschooling. It works, and it is good. If you want your child to be educated with your values (and you're not a liberal), you have almost no other choice. Sure, private schools are an option, but they can be expensive.

So, in further support of homeschooling, I present this week's Carnival of Homeschooling. Well, actually I'm not presenting it, Principled Discovery is -- I'm just giving you the link so you can go check it out. So what are you waiting for?

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